Acquiring Land

Acquisite are constantly sourcing land and development opportunities primarily across London, South and South East of England. We search for single plots for self builders, residential developments of any size, mixed use schemes and commercial sites. Our ethos once the land is sourced and permission given by the owner is to research its potential or summarise its planning consent and introduce the opportunity to our clients subject to a finders fee if the is successful in acquiring the site.

The majority of our land and opportunities are 'off market' and we spend considerable time and effort in searching and identifying these opportunities before they are advertised and promoted.

Below is a list of opportunities which Acquisite constantly search for:

  • Residential Development opportunities of any density
  • Mixed Use Schemes
  • Social Housing Developments
  • Property Conversions
  • Brownfield Sites
  • Greenfield Sites
  • Edge of Town Land
  • Strategic Sites
  • Care Home schemes
  • Sites with or without permission, Applications and refusals.

Should you be interested in acquiring land of any nature please contact by giving us your details and we will get in touch and keep you informed of any opportunities.

Acquiring Land